Water & Wastewater Compnay  Kurdistan Province

General points

Kurdistan province as one of the country provinces with a population of over one million and 400 thousand people is located in the northwest of the country and is bordered to the north by West Azarbaijan and Zanjan, to the East by Hamedan and other parts of Zanjan province, to the south by Kermanshah Province, and to the west by Iraq. The province has an area of ​​about 28 thousand and 235 square kilometers with a temperate, cold and mountainous climate. According to the latest state divisions in 1386, the province has 10 cities, 23 towns, 23 districts, 78 villages, and 1767 hamlets. Baneh, Bijar, Divandarreh, Dehgolan, Sarvabad, Saqez, Sanandaj, Qorveh, Kamyaran, and Marivan are the cities of the province. 

Before the Islamic Revolution, due to the lack of facilities, the majority of the inhabitants of villages and small towns migrated to the provincial capital. With the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the number of migrations became less and many small towns developed as well. Currently more than 915,000 people in the province live in 21 cities. Population growth and urbanization development has imposed new requirements in the ​​civilization sphere. Access to clean and healthy water and proper disposal of sewage which has an important role in individual and social health of communities are among these requirements. The Kurdistan Water and Sewage Company in the year 1371 with the aim of establishing and exploitation of facilities for refinement, transfer, storage and distribution of water, and also gathering, transfer and sanitary refinement of sewage in the legal area of the  the province with  Sanandaj centrality was established.


About Abfa Company

At the time being a population of over 915,000 people in 21 cities across the province (including the cities of Sanandaj, Saqez, Qorveh, Marivan, Baneh, Bijar, Kamyaran, Divandarreh, Dehgolan, Serish Abad, Sarvabad, Delbaran, Dezej, Buiin, Kaani Soor, Armardeh, Saheb , Shouysheh, Zarina Obato, Hassan Abad Yasukand, and Muchesh) in 186000 water divergence items, 178000 sewage divergence, 3152 km of water network, 1117 km long pipeline network and sewage gathering, a sewage refining unit, 4 water refining units, 112 active wells, 13 water laboratory units, 2 sewage laboratory units, benefit the company services.



Company Goals

The following objectives have been set for the Water and Sewage Company in the statute of the province to operate in line with their servicing mission about supply bases, urban water division and distribution, and gathering, disposal and refinement of sewage.


  • Implementation of urban water distribution networks
  • Implementation of the sewage collection, transmission and refinement plans
  • Investment and participation in institutions and companies that are related to the objectives and tasks of the company to development of the company tasks quality and quantity
  • To conduct research and educational tasks in accordance with the company goals and Water and Sewage Engineering Company planning.



In this regard, Kurdistan province urban Water and Sewage Company has been able to take effective steps in order to offer satisfying services to its citizens by addressing the infrastructures over the past few years and by astonishing developments has established in the various branches in order to achieve the organizational goals, it can be said that due to its activities this company achieved a significant place among the water and sewage companies in the country.


General duties of the company

 Establishing urban water distribution and division facilities and related facilities to gather, transport and refine sewage as well as exploitation of the supply facility, refining, transfer and distribution of urban water and facilities for the gathering, transfer and refinement of sewage.


Company activities in accordance with the Statute

Establishment of urban and rural water distribution facilities and the ones associated with the gathering, transfer and refinement of sewage as well as the exploitation of the supply, refining, transfer and distribution of urban and rural water facility, and the facilities for the gathering, transfer and refinement of sewage.


Company’s domain (Geographical)

The main center of the company is the city of Sanandaj and the servicing scope is Kurdistan province.